Sunday, September 2, 2012

Resume scanning technology causes lack of integrity because job seekers must concoct resumes based upon required key words, not integrity and work ethic. Online software scans resumes for specific “key words” determining if the applicant is worthy. Key words vary with companies, category, and position title and job description. Not all job search web sites are honest because they do not advertise open positions, thus, submitting an application for a position no longer available. Gone are the days of going to businesses demonstrating initiative and perseverance. Gone are the days of initial introduction with eye contact, hand shake and face-to-face meeting. Today told to apply online. This is agonizing and soul destroying for those of us with ethics, integrity and skills, but miss opportunities to those who worked the systems or know someone within. Is the cost of the new technology cost effective, more productive, and more profitable to the company using the new software recruitment process or is it more profitable to the software development company? Are new staff proving work ethic, integrity; proving to be more productive and valuable earning wages doing more than what they were hired to do?  

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