Sunday, September 2, 2012

Resume scanning technology causes lack of integrity because job seekers must concoct resumes based upon required key words, not integrity and work ethic. Online software scans resumes for specific “key words” determining if the applicant is worthy. Key words vary with companies, category, and position title and job description. Not all job search web sites are honest because they do not advertise open positions, thus, submitting an application for a position no longer available. Gone are the days of going to businesses demonstrating initiative and perseverance. Gone are the days of initial introduction with eye contact, hand shake and face-to-face meeting. Today told to apply online. This is agonizing and soul destroying for those of us with ethics, integrity and skills, but miss opportunities to those who worked the systems or know someone within. Is the cost of the new technology cost effective, more productive, and more profitable to the company using the new software recruitment process or is it more profitable to the software development company? Are new staff proving work ethic, integrity; proving to be more productive and valuable earning wages doing more than what they were hired to do?  

Betrayal and forgiveness do not sound as if they belong in the same sentence but they do. The process from betrayal to forgiveness takes time and is difficult, but, that is why there is a reward in the end. Forgiveness does not mean the person who had done wrong is pardoned; it means you accept what happened, keep it in past where it belongs; you no longer feel anger, hate, bitterness, and resentment. The reward is emotional freedom because you gain happiness and inner peace - a rational calmness to approach life challenges - you found the strength from within to help you recover from pain and torment. You become the leader of yourself, not others in charge of you. This helps you to feel good about yourself (self-esteem). The way you feel about yourself has a direct impact upon the decisions you make and how you interact with people.  CNN needs a regular topic about forgiveness, helping people to talk and write in about their personal trauma, where something went wrong and how they are not able to cope, needing a new perspective and alternative. Please, give me an opportunity to discuss the broad topic. I am motivating and easy to talk with and help others solve and deal with their problems, because they trust me. I have successfully experienced the difficult yet rewarding process of forgiveness. My extensive history ranges from forgiving myself for making wrong decisions; family for abandonment; x husbands pretending who they are, when they were criminals and cheaters.
Mind and Body

Yes, it is all personal perception... which is impacted, in my opinion, upon the existance of emotions. Emotions set us apart from being purely rational and logical thinking. Emotions have a way of weaving its way into the thought process which has an influence about how one feels about one self. This emotional perception of one's self influenced with emotions is also impacted with external influences upon emotions.. such as body image. The media and the social system, which includes magazine, movies and public figures has an influence how one views what is acceptable and what is not.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Think about the circumstances and events that have happened to you which creates internal frustration and anxiety and annoyance with someone, but, ultimately the person it is causing harm to is yourself.
Why is it best to accept?
When is it best to pardon?
And, why is it best to forgive?