Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Forgiveness and Social Media

What kind of Social Media experiences have you had?

As for Social Media it can destructive because people --- particularly the youth --- live on the darn thing which exposes them in ways that end up hurting them emotionally. The competition within each other and the concept of popularity has caused a competition that yields emotional distress.
Private lives do not belong on public pages. But, they have fallen for it and they are damaged from it.

As for LinkedIn, this will make you laugh... I had a guy approach me for a date.
My initial reaction and reply in a reply email to him was questioning the use of LinkedIn as a business local or a dating site.
But, I realized my reaction was too negative, particularly living in the same town, so I deleted my comment.
So, I replied saying we can meet, suggesting we meet during Happy Hour where I bring a girlfriend and he brings a guy.
He replied, sounds like a good idea.
After that I received a number of emails from him in one day and then the following days wanting to meet soon and wanting to talk, where he apologized for being so impatient.
He gave me his phone number.
I did not call him, but, finally, I gave him my phone number.
Finally, we spoke, because I figured what harm can that do.
We spoke and then we met for Happy Hour that Monday.
During Happy Hour turns out his friend contacted him and he could not make it, yet my girlfriend was there. Plus, he was on his stupid cell phone texing for the first hour plus. Fine, I am not insecure.
We all chatted for a little while. She then left, leaving me with - him.
He and I talked for another hour then he walked me to my car.
While crossing the street he held my hand.
Hmmmm? I thought. I commented, "You are holding my hand" (as if I was telling him something he did not know.).
Then, we arrive at my car.
He puts both of his arms around me and brings me close to him .... I know a kiss is on the way .... slowly I turn my head where he does not kiss me the way he intended.
Not remembering what I said to him he responded, "I suppose no kissing on the first date".
Soft spoken I said, I did not know this was a date.
His comment which followed made it clear to me what his agenda was.
He said, "Well, get ready because the next time there will be lots of kissing".
This time, I was silent. Rarely am I at a loss for words; although, I had lots of thoughts in my mind, which included...
what made him think there will be a next time and what kind of situation will we be in that will allow for lots of kissing?
We said good night.

Naturally, I hardly heard from him at all since then and no second "date".
I went to his LinkedIn page out of curiosity to see the people he connects with... they were women.
Illustrating to me that he is using LinkedIn as his own dating site.
Bringing me to wonder, how many females must fall for his act?
Clearly, asking me on a "second date" would not be good use of his time for him to act upon his agenda, for clearly there are other prospects out there yielding the type of date he wants, fulfilling his agenda.

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